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New Magazine Scan + ‘Norman’ News

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A new HQ scan of Emily in ‘Ocean Drive Venezuela’ has been added to the gallery. The picture is the same as the one that was featured in L.A. Confidential Magazine. The article is also the same, except it’s in Spanish.

001 x Ocean Drive Venezuela – February/March 2010 Issue


I also have some news about Emily’s independant film Norman. First of all, the film has won the Grand Prize for Best Feature Film at the Rhode Island International Film Festival. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to see the film at the festival last week. Emily was absolutely amazing in it! Hopefully the film will get a wider release soon so you all have a chance to see it too.

In the meantime, the film will continue to make the rounds on the festival circuit. Its next two stops will be the World Film Festival in Montreal, which runs from August 26th through September 6th, and then it’s on to the Woodstock Film Festival in Hudson Valley, New York, which runs from September 29th through October 3rd. If you live in either area and want to attend a screening of the film, click the corresponding link below to visit the festival’s official website for ticket information:

‘Montreal World Film Festival’ Schedule and Ticket Information
‘Woodstock Film Festival’ Schedule and Ticket Information

I also want to take a moment to announce that Emily-VanCamp.com is now part of Emily VanCamp Online. Just wanted to give you guys the heads up in case you tried to surf onto their website and ended up here instead. If you’ve been a regular visitor here at evancamp.com, don’t worry, nothing is going to change. The site will simply be accessible through both URLs and we will be incorporating some of the media from that site into ours, though they didn’t have much we didn’t already have. Patrick, who operated emily-vancamp.com, will also be helping out here from time to time.

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  1. ForVanAngel August 17, 2010 | 5:46 pm |


    I’ve read your great report about “Norman” today and it sounds awesome! I’m so looking forward to that movie (and “Ben Hur” of course), she played enough drama for almost 8 years, now it’s time for different roles. And what you didn’t mention: Richard Jenkins (SFU) has a role as the father of Norman if I remeber correctly, one more reason to watch that movie! 🙂 Please keep us updated when a dvd release is announced!

    Thanks as usual!

    P.S.: Thanks for the article, but I don’t understand it since I don’t speak Spanish. 😉

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