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New E! Online Video + Promo for Next Week’s ‘Revenge’

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Hey guys! Did everyone enjoy last night’s episode of Revenge? I am loving this show so much! Definitely my fall favorite. Anyway, here is a new video interview with Emily on Revenge, conducted by E! Online. She teases about what is coming up on the show. The video starts off with an interview with Madeleine Stowe first though, so Emily’s portion doesn’t begin until the 1:35 mark, but still a great video to watch nonetheless! You can check it out below:

And here is the article that goes with the video above! (I also put the promo for next week’s episode under the cut since I know not everybody likes to be spoiled on things like that ;))

Mwah-Ha-Ha! Revenge Star Emily VanCamp Teases Big Twists (While Perfecting Her Evil Laugh)
By: Kristin dos Santos

Revenge is a dish best served by scorchingly hot stars (see what we did there?!), so we hit the set of the addictive new ABC thriller to ask them what lies ahead after last night’s episode.

You did watch last night, right? Don’t make us come and flip the channel for you! It’s one of our fave new series for fall!

Ms. Revenge herself, Emily VanCamp, and her love interest, Joshua Bowman, gave us the goods on why you’ll be blown away by what’s next…

The Twists Just Keep Coming. “There are several surprising elements to each script,” Emily promises. “Be ready for loads of surprises…They pack a lot in [each episode] but they’re thorough as well and in the first bunch of episodes we see several take-downs. My character is sort of getting in there and laying all of the groundwork for this master plan that she has. And then around episode five, it turns into a bigger sort of arch and that episode is just insane. The stuff that happens in it is so good and it just sets up the rest of the season for just this crazy unraveling of events.”

Keep Your Eye on New Guy Tyler (Ashton Holmes). Emily hints that big twists lie ahead for the Nikita hottie, who made his Revenge debut last night. “The way he is playing it is brilliant because you just know there is something up with him, but you don’t quite know what,” Emily explains. “My character is onto him, so we have some pretty great scenes coming up.”

Daniel Gets Shifty. “This guy is someone who doesn’t really want the life that has been mapped out for him,” Joshua says of his character. (And sidenote: Did you know he’s British in real life?! Check out the video interview above.) “He wants to find something different and find his own beat. And there is something substantial that happens that is a massive shift for him.” Um…more substantial than the pilot episode in which Daniel dies?! Do tell. Also, that love triangle with Emily, Jack and Daniel? It’s alive and well, thank you very much. “Daniel falls head over heels with her and there is Jack who is obviously in the game too…There is going to be some strong shifts that are fun to play with.

When You See Emily’s Evil Laugh, You Can Thank Us. When asked if she’s working on a sinister cackle, Emily says with a giggle, “I don’t know, she needs like a ‘mwah ha ha!’ Yeah, I don’t really do that. I do more of that with the looks and with the glares. But I’ll try to put in an evil laugh for you, that will be my gift to you.”

So very kind, but hey ABC, we’ll trade you that gift for a full-season pickup of Revenge, OK? ‘Cause we’re pretty dang hooked on this show. Deal? Cool. Thanks.

Catch Revenge Wednesday nights on ABC.

—Reporting by Jenna Mullins

Source: E! Online

Also, here is the promo for next week’s episode, entitled Duplicity. Loving the dynamic between Emily and Nolan! Can’t wait to see what tricks Ms. Thorne has up her sleeve next!

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  1. ForVanAngel October 7, 2011 | 8:16 am |

    Ha, I wonder if you hid the promo because somebody was annoyed that he watched them though he didn’t want to. 😀 Thanks again, sweet interview, I’m really looking forward to Tyler and Emily, the show has already a big cast, but still needs some new characters here and there, just for 1-3 episode. it’s good to have Tyler, the actor does a good job, can’t wait to see that.

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