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New Candids + More Planned Parenthood Pics

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010 x Shopping at The Grove in Los Angeles, CA (03/12/2010)

Double update today! New candids taken last week of Emily out shopping in Los Angeles have been added to the gallery. I also added a bunch more photos of Em at the Planned Parenthood event.

021 x Planned Parenthood Federation 2010 Annual Awards Gala

And we have one last bit of news for today’s update. Bloggers & Sisters, which is a blog run by the writers of Brothers & Sisters, is planning an upcoming interview with Emily and they are currently accepting fan-submitted questions! So if you want to submit a question for Emily, just visit the blog by clicking here and post your question in the comments section. There’s no guarantee they’ll choose your question for the interview, but you never know. If you ask a good enough question, they might just use it. According to the blog, “the questions can be about the show or not, whatever you’d like to ask.” Once they post the interview, I’ll make sure to post an update about it here. 😉