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I came across a new article about Emily from a South African news agency this morning. I can’t be certain, but it sounds like the actual interview may have been conducted at the Monte Carlo TV Festival last month, though the article was written much more recently. Anyways, check it out:

Meeting with the Family Jewel
By: Lara de Matos

She’s the wholesome girl who ventured into acting at the age of 14, was signed on to the TV series Everwood at sweet 16 and when that venture came to a close, she barely had time to blink before she had secured herself a spot alongside some of the small screen’s heavyweight contenders in the acclaimed Brothers & Sisters.

Throw in the fact that her professional obligations suddenly found this small-town Canadian lass tossed into the realities of showbiz life in Los Angeles, and the recipe was ripe for a good-girl-gone-Britney. Or more like a Miley “I gyrate on geriatric men’s laps” Cyrus these days…

Yet by some miracle of cookie-bake-off angels and their ilk, 24-year-old Emily VanCamp has managed to remain delightfully level-headed in a world where her peers are serving prison sentences for substance abuse, and the notion of offering the paparazzi a freeze-frame of your bits has become as common as Madonna’s pseudo-British accent.

“This is such a crazy business and it’s so easy to get caught up in all of it… But you can’t take all that attention too seriously. People don’t love you, they love the idea of you and the characters you play. And I think, once you see the route some industry personalities choose to take and what it does to them, it’s pretty obvious you don’t want to be a part of it,” she explains, before continuing: “I think it’s really unattractive to live your life without humility.”

And unlike many of Emily’s contemporaries, for whom such comments would constitute little more than PR speak, this young lady clearly practises what she preaches.

For one thing, her choice of clothing – a classic floral-print top, simple slacks and casually swept-up locks – immediately distinguishes her from the parade of other 20-something glamazons click-clacking their way through the auditorium halls.

And where most women her age – or older, for that matter – would probably feel insecure about their own seemingly plain appearance when compared to the crowd of Barbie dolls swarming around them, Emily remains serenely detached.

Then again, it’s a scenario she has become quite accustomed to over the years:

“I’ve been in LA (where B&S is filmed, though she’ll be leaving the series next season) for going on half a decade now and I won’t lie, the first couple of years were miserable,” she confides.

“It’s a difficult place to be. One, because it’s so huge and also because everyone’s in the same industry, so it’s all about connect, connect, connect, ‘what can you do for me’ – and I’m so not a schmoozer! Plus, it’s not normal to be surrounded by 21-, 22-, 23-year-olds who are worried about ageing!

“I don’t have any of that stuff in my head, because it’s just not what my family and friends were about growing up…”

On the subject of family, this blonde lump of sugary sweetness’ relationship with her kin (comprised of mother, father and three sisters) is clearly a far cry from that of her character, Rebecca, as too was her cabbage-patch-doll childhood.

“I think every family is dysfunctional on some level, but I will say I’m very close to my parents and my siblings.

“We’ve always had this sense of sticking together and that’s what family is to me: that feeling of unconditional love…”

Any plans to start her own, then? At the moment, a rather vociferous “no!” But should her career continue to afford her the opportunity to augment her already impressive nest egg, “10 kids would be good… may as well make it 11 – a whole soccer team!”.

Rather your loins than mine, me dear…

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  1. ForVanAngel July 29, 2010 | 5:51 pm |

    Thanks! Even South Africa praises Emily, it’s a great article, I’m so glad Emily’s nothing like Lohan and those kind of girls! I think it was a good move for her (thanks to Mr. Berlanti) to join B&S (regardless of the stupid storylines that came later), and to move to L.A., because now she knows about the risks of Hollywood and the film industry and she knows which people she can trust and why her family is so important for her. It made her stronger and after the 4 years she can now concentrate on her film career. I really love Emily for beeing Emily, that sweet girl next door with good behaviour and both feet on the ground.

    Sorry, I had to write this long text, there’s nothing better than praising Emily. 😉

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