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New Access Hollywood Interview with Emily

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Dish Of Salt: Emily VanCamp Is Ready To Seek ‘Revenge’

Emily VanCamp chats with AccessHollywood.com’s Laura Saltman about why she decided to take on her juicy new role in ABC’s “Revenge.” So, how “dark” will her character get in the show? Plus, Emily talks about working with her beautiful co-stars.

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  1. ForVanAngel August 12, 2011 | 6:22 pm |

    Can’t believe we also got an interview, can’t remember the last video we got from Emily. She’s so beautiful and so sweet, sometimes I can’t believe she’s even real. ^^ Thanks for the video and of course the tweet, that makes things so easy for me. 🙂

    I like how she came back to television because she got a totally different role, that was definitely the right decision. I mean, everybody loves her as the nice girl, but she has played that role for almost 10 years, so it was a bold choice to leave Brothers & Sisters behind, but the right choice and I’m so glad it paid off just some months later. I think with her new role she can show viewers and critics, that she is able to play a different character, a person that is like the opposit of her, for me good actors can play totally different on screen as they are in real life, so that will show the world what she is able to play, on B&S she didn’t have much scenes or storylines that made you think wow, there were too many stars like Flockhart, Griffiths, Field and the boys, but now she’s the star. 🙂

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