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Hey, guys! Guess what happened to me today?? That’s right! As the title states, I got to meet Emily. I bet most of you are wondering: where, when, and how? Well, remember the news I posted last night on how she would be appearing on the CW11 Morning News? (BTW, you can watch the 4 minute video here – scroll down the video player to see her name and click to watch) At the last minute, I decided to go and wait outside their TV station building early this morning for the possibility that I might run into her. Well, as it turns out, I did. I got to talk to her and it was amazing! To read my experience, click here.

Also, I already state this in my full report but when I told Emily my name and that I run the site here, she said, “Oh, my god! It’s so great to meet you!” and gave me a big hug. I guess that means she has heard of the site then, right? Maybe even has visited it once in the past 4 + years I’ve been running it? This makes me feel really good because now I know that Emily is aware of this site’s existence. It’s really an honor and pleasure to run a site for such a beautiful person, inside and out.