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My 4th Encounter with Emily!

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Hey, guys! Long time no see! So you’re looking at this title and probably wondering, “Fourth?”. To date, I have met Emily in May 2007 and the last two times were outside of her Jimmy Fallon taping late last year and outside of GMA this past May, respectively. Sorry I never recapped the GMA encounter or mentioned that I went! She basically just signed my Revenge script there and that was it. I have pictures of Emily (not with, unfortunately) from the GMA appearance that I never got to add, so I’ll probably do that this weekend or something!

Anyway, today marks the 4th! If you wanna hear more about my encounter with our girl today, continue reading! 😉

After hearing from Grey that Emily was going to be back in NYC to promote the second season of Revenge, I decided to try my luck at seeing Emily again.

I knew she was going to be on 3 morning shows – Good Morning America, Live with Kelly and Michael, and VH1 Big Morning Buzz Live. I wasn’t planning on going to GMA at all since I heard that Selena Gomez was going to be there, but at the last minute I decided to try anyway. Turns out, Selena wasn’t there in person and everyone that was there (aside from me and 2 other girls who were there for Emily) were there for Olly Murs. Anyway, I had no idea what time Emily was going to be arriving but I saw her tweet at 5 AM and figured I might as well leave the house early just in case. I got there right around 6 AM and she arrived at 8 AM. Unfortunately, the door that opened blocked my way and I was in the corner so she didn’t see me on her way in. Then it started to POUR! I stood outside in the rain with 2 other Emily fans I met and all of us waited for her to finish with GMA. I gotta say I wasn’t expecting much since it was raining really hard. When she finally came out, she graciously stopped to sign the magazines for the two girls I was with. SO nice of her! I mean, it was raining! I was behind them and while I tried to get her attention, she didn’t see me (curses to my meekness) and so I decided to try for VH1 Morning Buzz later. I decided to skip Live! since there’d be no point in going uptown just to try to catch her after her interview when she had to rush back down to Times Square for her 3rd appearance of the day, anyway. So I stayed in the general vicinity of where I already was.

I ended up hanging out with the 2 Emily fans for an hour or so and we talked about Revenge and why we loved Emily and it was really nice 🙂 Then one of them had to leave to catch a flight and so I stayed with the other one (Hi Victoria if you’re reading this!). We stayed in the lounge of this hotel before it was close to 10 AM and then headed over to where I knew Emily would be dropped off to tape VH1 Morning Buzz. Since it was still raining, it just looked like we were under the awning to seek shelter from the rain, haha 😉

At about 10:15 AM, Emily pulled up in an SUV and got out of the car. Suddenly this mass of people came from out of nowhere (although really, they were standing off to the side and not under the awning where we were). This one guy had a HUGE Season 1 poster of Revenge that she signed for him. Then she signed an autograph for someone named “Joe”, and then it was my turn. I didn’t have a sharpie or anything so Victoria had graciously lent me her blue sharpie to use. I had the October issue of SELF with Ems on the cover and she was about to sign it when she looked up and saw me and got so excited and said, “Oh my god! It’s so good to see you!” and leaned in and gave me a great big hug. I said, “You, too!” and as she was signing my magazine I said we’d talk after she was done with this and she was like “Okay!”. She said she thought she was running late and she still stopped for a second which was really gracious of her. I didn’t want to keep her there longer so I stepped aside after that. After signing a few more autographs and taking some pictures with fans, she was escorted into the building and Victoria and I waited for another half an hour before she came out again.

Victoria and I had agreed to help each other out and take each other’s pictures with Emily when the time came. Both of us had our DSLRs with us, haha 🙂 Anyway, a little after 11 AM, there Emily was. Victoria spoke up and asked if we could get pictures with her and Emily agreed. She handed me her camera and I fumbled with it for a second, not sure if it was on, before taking their picture for them. Then I vaguely remember handing my camera to her. As Emily and I put our arms around each other, I said “I don’t get to see you anymore [since you’ve gotten so big]!” and she was like, “I know! But you’ve been busy, right?” and then we stalled the conversation to take the picture before continuing. And then I said, “I’m finishing up my senior year of college” and Emily got this look on her face that I could only describe as…proud? And said something along the lines of, “Good for you! That’s amazing!”. And then I totally spaced to ask her if she had fun at the Emmys, that I liked her dress, and that I was excited for Revenge to come back. In all honesty, at least I was able to form actual coherent words around her this time around? Usually the thought of meeting Emily makes me super nervous even though I already have a couple of times now. Something about the bigger fan you are of somebody, the bigger the fool you make of yourself in front of them, I guess? 😛

After that, Emily signed/took pictures with more people before getting into her car and driving off. I was happy to finally get my second picture with her after over 5 years and to have talked with her for a second. It’s been hard to get any words in with every talk show she’s been at since she started Revenge but this encounter was nice since there weren’t that many people around. I’m just so happy for her. She deserves all this success. And it’s even better to know that while she has gotten so big, she hasn’t let it go to her head. She is still the sweet person she always has been. And she hasn’t forgotten the little people that have been with her career for years and years. It just makes me admire and look up to her all the more. Anyway, enough about that. There’s my recap. Thanks for reading 🙂


  1. ForVanAngel September 28, 2012 | 11:49 pm |

    Hi Shirphie! Nice to have you back. And wow, you returned with a super-fantastic story! Was a lot of fun reading it, it’s amazing how you not only can just go to NY and have the chance to meet the great Emily, but actually are not afraid to do it. I would be super nervous, if English isn’t your first language, it really could end up in a distaster I think. 😀 I’m glad you met her after it didn’t really work out at her other appearances and that she was so nice to you. I think we forget that a bit, sure we always admire Emily for being that nice even though she’s under pressure and working all the time and stuff, but we have to see that she doesn’t have to do that, she’s a star of her own show, but doesn’t seem to have changed – being a star and in the spotlight can change you I think, because you easily could start feeling better than the small people. Em deserves to be the centre of attention, it’s amazing how time flew and it’s now over a year since Emily became involved with Revenge, at first I wasn’t sure if it’s the right thing for her but now I know that she made a great choice, still feels surreal to me. Been a fan of her since now over 6 years and now tons of people know who she is, but if I am lucky I meet her once in my life, but that would mean I would have to fly to the US first and then maybe… Anyway, congratz, thanks for the story and hope that cryptic thing with the PR guy works out, I’m not sure if I understood what you were trying to tell us and let’s get ready for season 2, it’s just around the corner.

  2. Kelly October 6, 2012 | 11:54 pm |

    Sorry I’m late posting this. Congrats on meeting Emily again! Loved reading your story, and glad to know she’s still a sweetheart even with all that extra fame!

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