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More Pics from Fashion Week + Video and Article

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I’ve added some some more pictures of Emily at Fashion Week events to the gallery.

001 x Emily @ Mercedes-Benz New York Fasion Week
006 x Emily @ Glamour Celebrates The New March Issue At Fashion Week

You can also watch a very short video of Emily at the fashion show below.

Lastly, an excerpt from an article about the Glamour party that features some quotes from Em:

Following our escapades at Jason Wu’s after-party, we cabbed across town to The Box, a normally naughty venue (famous for its on-stage burlesque shows) that was appropriately tamed down for Glamour magazine’s March issue party. As we arrived at the bar, we immediately spotted Emily VanCamp, the rising star of NBC’s hit-show Revenge. “There’s so much going on, it’s amazing!” a humbled VanCamp told us of her budding career. “I’m also really tired, so I don’t have that much time to process it all, but when I do get a moment to reflect, it’s wonderful.” Well, we definitely had some time to reflect on Emily’s role on one of our favorite shows of all time, Everwood. Surely she gets recognized for her part in the cult favorite. “Absolutely, I still have fans from that show! The people that watched it are die-hard fans,” VanCamp said, possibly referring to us. “It’s still kinda hilarious that our last two episodes were called ‘Foreverwood,’ because people still love it to this day. It was a great show to grow up on.” And being that we were at a party celebrating Glamour — both the word and the magazine — we wondered what made Emily feel the most glamorous? “When I’m fishing or camping–I’m a tom-boy.” What’s the biggest fish she’s ever caught? “A barracuda!” Don’t worry animal lovers; she’s a catch-and-release kind of girl. “Unless I’m gonna eat it.” Fair enough.