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More Monte Carlo Pictures + New Interview

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This will probably be the last Monte Carlo picture update. I added a few more pictures from both the ‘Brothers & Sisters’ photocall and the closing ceremony to the gallery.

005 x 50th Monte Carlo TV Festival – ‘Brothers & Sisters’ Photocall
006 x 50th Monte Carlo TV Festival – Closing Ceremony

I also have a new interview with Emily that was conducted at the festival. The interview was actually originally written in French and this is my own rough translation, so keep in mind these aren’t exact quotes. But hopefully I got the gist of the questions and Emily’s answers.

Interview with Emily VanCamp at the Monte Carlo TV Fest
By: Charles Decant

Question: You play one of the characters that has changed the most since you first arrived in the series. At first you were a troubled girl, full of anger, and now you’re always a good girl. What do you think of the transition that Rebecca has gone through?

Emily: I think it’s very interesting. A lot of young people in their twenties go through a big transition. It’s a period where you really get to know yourself. I think Rebecca changed a lot after she met the Walkers. She really found a purpose to her life. Her relationship with her mother was always very intense, but it was an interesting journey, and it was a pleasure to play.

Question: Before playing Rebecca, your most prominent role was Amy Abbott on Everwood, and again, you were the good girl. Are you afraid you might get stuck playing that kind of role?

Emily: What I liked originally about the role of Rebecca was that she was a little rebellious and kind of dark… but, you know, you can’t really have a character drag on like that for too long. He or she has to grow up, turn the page… or go to jail! (Laughs) So, I don’t think the character of Rebecca could have stayed that way forever. And you never really know how long a show is going to last, so I’m glad we didn’t leave off with Rebecca as the rebellious daughter and that she got a chance to grow and evolve.

Question: What do you think of how Justin and Rebecca’s relationship evolved?

Emily:Again, the transition has been interesting — because they thought they were brother and sister! (Laughs) At first it was a bit weird. But you can’t always control your feelings, you can’t choose who you fall in love with. And there was real chemistry between me and Dave Annable, and it would have been really awkward if we had stayed brother and sister. It’s going really well though. I love Dave, and Justin and Rebecca make each other happy. My character has been through so much. She deserves that.

Question: You understand that the relationship made a lot of viewers cringe at the beginning?

Emily: I completely understood people’s reactions, yes. I was kind of the same. I wasn’t quite sure what to think, actually. Some people loved it, others hated it. But that’s TV. There’s always some controversy. And I think our show, from time to time, likes to think outside the box.

Question: Would you ever consider leaving a show if you found it boring, even if it meant being unemployed?

Emily: For me, the most important thing is to be happy on a creative level and still be stimulated by the characters I play. I have always followed those guidelines when I make decisions and so far it’s worked out. I hope to continue in that direction and I hope we continue to write strong characters and interesting situations I can tackle. And I think it’s always good to try new things, even if it doesn’t work out. You can’t really blame people for trying new experiences, challenges. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Question: In the case of Brothers & Sisters, have you ever expressed your reservations about a certain part of a storyline that didn’t please you?

Emily: Yes, absolutely. Everyone is very open on the side of the writers, and there has always been true collaboration. It’s not like this everywhere. We’re pretty lucky! It kind of changes things up, and I think it’s also good for the writers. They write for a very large cast, so letting go a little bit sometimes, creatively speaking, isn’t so bad, since they have so much work to do.

Question: What’s your worst memory of filming on the set?

Emily: (Laughs) The dinner scenes take very, very long. (Laughs) They’re a lot of fun to film for the first few hours, but after the sixth hour, you’re like, “My God, how many times do I have to say this line?” Some of them have been among the worst scenes to film on the show.

Question: And the best?

Emily: There are so many. When you work with people who put so much into their job, and try to create something really great, you only have good memories. There are, of course, bad times, but no bad memories per se. The bad times do not in any way tarnish the good memories. There was a scene where Scotty had to sing in front of the whole family. It was very well done and very moving. But Luke MacFarlane had to sing the song again and again. I felt bad for him. We were all so tired!

Question: What television series would you want to be on if you weren’t on Brothers & Sisters?

Emily: Dexter! I would even play an extra on that show! I love it!

Source: Ozap.com