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The Video Archive returns!

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Hey, guys! Guess what? After months of downtime (it was hacked earlier this year) The Video Archive is officially back! I know a lot of you were waiting for its return. Well, now you can rejoice. I’ve been working really hard on it for the past couple of days. So far there are 27 videos online. More will be added over the next few days though, so don’t worry. (Yes, you have to register.) If you come across any problems, feel free to e-mail me. Enjoy!

Also, some of you may have seen the new ad for Brothers & Sisters’ season premiere in the latest issue of People Magazine. It’s the September 10th issue with Owen Wilson on the cover. If not, you can head on over to Brothers & Sisters TV to see their scans. I’ll have my own scans up for the site sometime tomorrow.

Speaking of B&S, the re-run of the season finale is on in five minutes. I’m going to go watch it. Talk to everyone later!