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‘Mad Men’ Shout-Out

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I’m not sure how many of you watch the AMC show Mad Men, (if you don’t, you should!), but during a recent interview with The Chicago Tribune, series creator Matthew Weiner divulged that Emily was the first actress that came to mind for the part of Peggy! Here’s what he had to say:

“When I started, my thought for Peggy was Emily VanCamp [from “Everwood”]. She’s a tremendous actress. And Greg [Berlanti, creator of “Everwood” and executive producer of “Brothers & Sisters,” on which VanCamp now appears] will never let her go. I’ve talked to him about it, I go, “She’s so great,” and he’s like, “Yeah. She’s working with me the rest of her life.” [laughs]”

It’s good to know that people in Hollywood are noticing just how talented she is, not just us fans.