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Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Stills + Exclusive Candid Clip

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Hello, everyone! Long time no see! Hope everyone is doing well. I have more NYC Emily goodies for you tonight. First, a few HQ stills of Emily from her Late Night with Jimmy Fallon appearance have been added to the gallery. She looks stunning with her hair in a side ponytail and adorning a light orange dress. Check back later for screen captures and video from her appearance! And don’t forget to tune in tonight to see her on the show!

Second, a tiny treat. Earlier today, I was able to briefly see Emily after her taping of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and give her a gift bag of assorted things from both Grey and I. A good friend of mine accompanied me and was able to capture this moment on film. This was my second encounter with Emily, ever. The first time I met her was back in May 2007. I was quite surprised that she remembered me and said it was “good to see” me since it had been so long since the last meeting, but I guess her memory is amazing like that 🙂 In the video, after she asks how I am (I was too stunned to answer), it ends but nothing really happened after that besides her getting into her car. It all went by so fast but I am grateful that Emily gave a little bit of her time out of her busy schedule to adhere to fans, old and new 😉 It was absolutely lovely to see her again.


  1. ForVanAngel December 6, 2011 | 2:41 pm |

    WOW! I just thought this was a short video until I read the text! I’m (a bit) jealous but would’ve been more than stunned, I would forget all the English I know. 😀 Congratulations, if somebody deserves to meet her, it’s you both, you are the Emily Ambassadors for all the Emily Fans in the world. Yes, it’s really nice of her to find time for her fans, she is working 24/7 for her show, the talkshows, the events, the stuff she does with her colleagues and Emily still stays friendly as we know her. She looks so great on those pictures, I’m not sure if I liked her more when she was on VH1 or on Jimmy Fellon or on Kelly. Today, December 6th, we are celebrating Saint Nicholas Day in Europe, it seems Nicholas thought of all the loyal Emily fans and brought a bag full of goodies. 😀

  2. Katia December 6, 2011 | 2:46 pm |

    you have no idea how much i’m happy for you! she is wonderful! I hope she’ll come to italy one day! I’ll be there for her! after almost ten years that i love her job it’s time also for me to meet her! 😛

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