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Hurley to auction celebrity corsets to benefit Boarding for Breast Cancer

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evc-hurleyartThis month at hurley.com, there is an online auction for clothing pieces (specially t-shirts and corsets) that have been customized by various names in the biz, and Emily is one of them. Co-stars Calista Flockhart, Dave Annable (his is pretty funny), Matthew Rhys (his is funny as well LOL!), Ron Rifkin, and Sally Field also have pieces up for auction. Sally’s t-shirt has already been sold but her corset is still there.

The opening bid for Emily’s t-shirt is $100 with no current bids yet (click the thumbnail to your left for a larger picture). The auction will be open until October 30th, 2008, so if you’re interested, go here to bid on her lovely design! 100% of the proceeds from the auction will go to B4BC (Boarding For Breast Cancer), a non-profit organization whose goal is to promote and teach awareness about breast cancer.

Source: Mickie’s Zoo