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“Black Irish” News

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More updates on “Black Irish” have come up recently. Thanks again to larry-411 for all the following information.

The old official site, which was blackirishmovie.com, is no longer running. Instead, you can now find a brand new one, located at blackirishthemovie.net. It has a nice, sleek design and some fresh content, including a new trailer and photos which you are able to download.

Why the new site? Well, “Black Irish” got picked up by Anywhere Road for distribution back in early July. They also got domestic rights for the film. I think after that, a new site was necessary. That is my understanding of it anyway.

The Hollywood Reporter reported last month about the distribution deal. Anywhere Road is going to release the film September 28 in New York and Boston then in more cities later in the fall. I first thought it was going to be a DVD release but from the looks of it, it’ll be a theatrical one!

Also, you have probably noticed by now that I put up a brand new layout for the site. It took me awhile to code since it was my first time using mouseover effects, but I finally got it! I like how it turned out, so I hope you all enjoy.