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“Black Irish” coming to DVD!

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Yes! Great news! “Black Irish” will finally be released on DVD January 8th, 2008. I have been waiting 2 years for this so no surprise that I’m excited. The DVD artwork cover is to your left, but I know it’s small so I have added it to the gallery for everyone to see. In terms of DVD extras, it seems the only one will be a Behind the Scenes Featurette, but better than nothing at all!

For more info about the release, click here.

I have also made some small “Black Irish gallery additions:
001 x Behind the Scenes (Credit: Black Irish Official Site)
001 x Production / Studio Images (Credit: Black Irish Official Site)
002 x Official Site Images
003 x Movie Posters

Also, here is a video (taken by larry-411) of Emily with co-star Michael Angarano and some other people who worked with the film at a Q&A session that took place Friday, October 26th in L.A. after the premiere of the film.