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Vintage Emily + B&S 3×03 HD Screen Captures

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I recently came across an old pre-Everwood photo of Emily from back in 2001, when she attended an acting school in Canada called ‘The Dynamic Theater Factory.’ Don’t ask me what she’s supposed to be doing in the photo, ’cause I have no idea. Is it supposed to be her acting suprised? Screaming in joy? Maybe she was trying to imitate an angry tiger. If so, she failed miserably, because she comes across more like a cute, cuddly kitten. The photo has been added to the gallery, so you can judge for yourself.

001 x Emily strikes a pose while attending The Dynamic Theater Factory

I also added HD screen captures from this week’s episode of Brothers and Sisters to the gallery.

177 x ‘Brothers & Sisters’ 3×03: ‘Tug of War’ HD Screen Captures