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Gallery Update + New Video Interview & Articles

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I added a bunch of new stuff to the gallery today, including HQ stills from episode 2×02 of ‘Revenge,’ which is titled ‘Resurrection.’ The rest are HQ stills from Emily’s various talk show appearances and some new candids of Emily departing VH1 after her interview.

005 x ‘Revenge’ 2×02: ‘Resurrection’ HQ Episode Stills
001 x Emily @ VH1 Big Morning Buzz (Still)
001 x Emily @ Live! with Kelly and Michael (Still)
001 x Emily @ Good Morning America (Still)
009 x Emily Departing VH1 Headquarters in New York (9/28/2012)

You can also watch a short new video interview with Emily below:

Lastly we have a couple of new articles featuring quotes from Emily. Check ’em out:

Emily VanCamp embraces popularity of TV show ‘Revenge’
By: Alicia Rancilio

This time last year, Emily VanCamp was hoping and praying her ABC series “Revenge” would be a success. It was — and regularly won its time slot.

Now she’s gearing up for the show’s second season, premiering Sunday at 9 p.m. EDT.

“I was wondering what was going to happen with the show and, oh gosh, I remember just trying to repress the stress so much,” VanCamp said in a recent interview. “You just want to focus on the work and not pay too much attention to all that stuff, but you’re putting so much of yourself into it, and the fact that it all paid off and that it did so well has been kind of extraordinary. It’s been a crazy year to say the least.”

VanCamp plays Emily Thorne, a young woman out to get even for her father’s death. She infiltrates a wealthy community in the Hamptons to take down the people who betrayed her family.

Like her character, 26-year-old VanCamp is a private person who prefers to remain a bit of a mystery to the public. She doesn’t like to talk about her personal life (although she’s rumoured to be dating her “Revenge” co-star Josh Bowman) and says she’s trying to come to terms with the public’s interest in her life now that she has a hit TV show.

“We live in a time where the media is a very difficult thing to navigate because it’s everywhere, and I tend to want to be a lot more private with my life,” she said. “I’ve managed to do that for 10 years in this business.

“I’ve found a really nice balance, but this show is a different scale so … I’m trying to figure all that out at the moment but … some of the actors that I admire the most do have an element of intrigue. You don’t know everything about them. It’s very important to be able to distinguish the actors from the characters they play.”

One thing VanCamp is getting used to as a leading lady is being sleep deprived.

“I’m exhausted almost all the time,” she said. “I keep saying I’m weirdly preparing myself for motherhood because once you can get ahold of this sleep deprivation thing I think you have a leg up. And I’m definitely sleep deprived.”

VanCamp also has adjusted to her high-profile role in “Revenge” by seeing herself as part of an “incredible” cast.

“I think it’s really interesting to say ‘my show’ or ‘I’m a lead of it’ because it is such a collaborative thing … but I am definitely there all the time,” she laughed.

“I’m excited by challenging myself physically and mentally every day. That’s what keeps me going and makes me love what I do so I really can’t complain about it.” She pauses then says: “I complain sometimes. I’m not gonna lie.”

More ‘Revenge’ for VanCamp
By: Bill Harris

Maybe it’s the cast. Maybe it’s the story. Maybe it’s something deeper.

In some ways, Revenge — which returns for its second season Sunday, on ABC and Citytv — is a throwback to the heyday of primetime soap operas in the 1980s.

But in other ways, I would argue Revenge is perhaps the most current show on TV today.

Consider: Society never has been more obsessed with celebrities and celebrity culture. What used to be considered gossip now comfortably passes for mainstream entertainment news.

And at the heart of that is a desire to live vicariously through the extreme behaviour of others.

Now, doesn’t that sound like the appeal of Revenge to you?

We all fantasize about taking revenge upon our enemies, big or small. We all fantasize about being ridiculously rich. We all fantasize, at least to a certain extent, about living lives of intrigue and mystery and excitement. We all wish we could be this bitchy and this bold.

And yet, in the world in which Revenge exists, these are super serious goings-on. It’s life-and-death stuff within the show. It’s only from the safety of our living rooms that we truly can enjoy the combination of killers, chaos and camp.

“The campy element of the show is what makes it so appealing,” said Canadian actress Emily VanCamp, who plays the lead character in Revenge, Emily Thorne (a.k.a. the real Amanda Clarke). “Because we balance that campy element with great stories, unbelievable writing, and cinematically this show is phenomenal.

“So you have a great quality show in a great time slot and I think great actors, great writers, great directors coming in. And then you add a campy element to that, a soapy element to that, and it adds a whole other genre. It’s hard to place exactly what this show is.

“Every single day, Mike (Kelley, creator) is so diligent about finding that balance with these characters, adding just enough campiness, just enough depth, enough vulnerability, enough weight, enough fluff. He just puts it all together in this perfect recipe.”

If you’re a devotee of Revenge, you know there were multiple cliff-hangers at the end of season one.

“At the opening of season two, she (Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke) is trying to centre herself,” VanCamp said. “She has sort of left the Hamptons for a little while and is trying to refocus, figure out what it is that she actually wants now, because she has so much information.

“She has the information about her father, obviously, but also information about her mother. It almost has inspired a new quest for her, to find her mother and establish some kind of relationship with this person if she is alive. And she happens to have the tools to make that happen, no matter where the mom is, she can find her.

“It all just becomes a lot more clear, but a lot more complicated at the same time.”

We would expect nothing less from Revenge, the most modern throwback show on TV.