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More New HQ 2007 Event Photos

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I made a huge update to the gallery today featuring mostly HQ pictures from various 2007 events Emily attended. Over 200 pictures total! Some are brand new to the gallery, others have replaced pictures we previously only had available in MQ. The update also includes an event from 2007 that we did not have featured in the gallery until now. Hopefully Emily will attend a new event soon so I can bring you guys some actual new photos, but until then try to enjoy these new-old photos.

020 x 10th Annual Sonoma Valley Film Festival
099 x 24th Annual William S. Paley Television Festival
019 x 59th Primetime Emmy Awards TV Guide After Party
035 x ABC Network’s 2007 UpFront
044 x Motorola’s 9th Anniversary Party
009 x Haven House 2007 Oscar Suite *New*