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Gallery Update + ‘Brothers & Sisters’ News

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I added some behind the scenes pics of Emily’s latest photo shoot to the gallery today. I also added some stills of Emily on ‘The Hour’ taken during her appearance on the show earlier this year.

012 x Photo Shoot Session #27 – Behind the Scenes
006 x ‘The Hour’ Stills

Lastly, a small update on Brothers & Sisters. Though Kristin at E! had reported earlier that Emily would be appearing in the third and fourth episodes of the upcoming fifth season, a few days ago ABC issued the official press release for episode two and Emily is listed as a guest star. So, it seems she will also be appearing, in some capacity at least, in the second episode of the season. Not sure how much she’ll be in it, as it seems her story arc will mostly take place in the third and fourth episodes, but I just wanted to let you guys know so that you don’t end up missing any Emily scenes in the second ep, which will air on Sunday, October 3rd.