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Brothers & Sisters Screen Captures

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How did everyone enjoy the latest new episode of Brothers & Sisters? I know it must have been confusing to those who are still new to the show, but don’t fret! The show will be on hiatus until April 8th, according to Brothers & Sisters TV, so if you haven’t done so already, you can still catch up! Once again, all episodes are available to watch for free over at abc.com but keep in mind the feature is for U.S. residents only. Brothers & Sisters returns with an all-new episode April 8th!

Now, onto the gallery update I’ve made for B&S:

231 x 1×16 The Other Walker – Screen Captures
001 x S1 Promotional Image

Sorry but the clips will have to come sometime this weekend! I simply don’t have time to make them at the moment but they will be up! I have to go study right now.