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Black Irish BTS pic + Random Events

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There’s sort of a mishmash of different photos in this update. The first pic is a behind-the-scenes photo of Emily having her make-up done on the set of ‘Black Irish.’ Next there’s a couple new pics from the Gen Art party at Sundance ’09. Keeping with Sundance, all the pics from the NHL Charity event at Sundance ’08 have been replaced with HQ versions and two new photos from the event have been added. And lastly, three new HQ pics from the Lucky Club Suite from back in 2007.

001 x ‘Black Irish’ Behind-the-Scenes Candid Photo
002 x Kenneth Cole Black & Gen Art 2009 Sundance Party
006 x NHL Celebrity Charity Event – Sundance 2008
003 x 2007 Lucky Club Suite for Upfronts – Day 3