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Assorted / B&S RETURNS APRIL 1!

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Hey, everyone! I know I haven’t updated the site in awhile and I’d like to sincerely apologize for that. I’ve been swamped with schoolwork for the past few weeks but now that things have started to settle down, I can update again! Hopefully this update (which I have divided into three parts) will make up for lost time.

I added three new scans to the gallery. They include Entertainment Weekly – March 9th, 2007, New York Post – March 18th, 2007 and a gorgeous one from TV Guide : March 19 – 25 2007. ALL of these were scanned by me exclusively for the site so if you take them, please credit. Thanks to Brothers & Sisters TV for the news that Emily was featured in these though. According to them, Emily is also in the March 26-April 1 issue of TV Guide too. Once I get it, I’ll scan it for the site! I also added a new photoshoot picture.

Two episode stills from “All In The Family” have been added as well. Oh, I almost forgot to mention! Brothers & Sisters returns APRIL 1st. That’s next Sunday, people! Don’t forget!