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‘Everwood’ Season 3 DVD Captures (Episodes 1-5)

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I’ve started the process of replacing the Everwood season three screen captures with bigger, better quality DVD captures. The ones we had in the gallery previously were incomplete, missing many scenes and the quality wasn’t very good. So far, I’ve added DVD captures for the first five episodes of the season. I’ll probably be adding the rest of the episodes in the next week or two. 😉

336 x ‘Everwood’ DVD Captures: 3×01 For Every Action…
323 x ‘Everwood’ DVD Captures: 3×02 …There Is a Reaction
353 x ‘Everwood’ DVD Captures: 3×03 Staking Claim
218 x ‘Everwood’ DVD Captures: 3×04 The Birds and the Batteries
132 x ‘Everwood’ DVD Captures: 3×05 Sacrifice