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Old Webmaster is back! + ‘Everwood’ S4 DVD Caps

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Hello, everyone! I have returned! Please bear with me as I slowly ease back into the notion of updating the site. It’s been awhile but I really have missed running this place! Thank you to everyone who made lovely comments in the previous post about Grey’s departure and welcoming me back. I very much appreciate it and I’m certain Grey does, too. Like Grey said, the site really wouldn’t be where it is today without everyone’s (and Emily’s) constant and valued support, so thank you all!

And to Grey – I’ve already mentioned to you how grateful I am that you agreed to come on board this journey with me, but I’ll say it again. Thank you so very, very much for all the hard work and effort you’ve put into this site for the past 4 years. The site also really would not be where it is today without your immense help and dedication. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors and know that if you ever were to return, the door will always be open for you 🙂

Now, back to business!

It feels quite bittersweet to come back and have my first proper update in nearly two years to be about Everwood, the show that made me realize Emily’s full potential as an actress. It is still one of my favorite shows ever and Amy Abbott is still my favorite character of Emily’s performances to date. Today I have for you screen captures of the deleted scenes from the Season 4 DVD, which was released earlier this week! Brief descriptions of the scenes are here (Slight spoiler warning for the S4 alernate ending one, though). Enjoy!

070 x DVD: Deleted Scene #1
028 x DVD: Deleted Scene #2
063 x DVD: Deleted Scene #3
058 x DVD: Deleted Scene #4
053 x DVD: Deleted Scene #5
042 x DVD: Deleted Scene #6
068 x DVD: Deleted Scene #7
042 x DVD: Deleted Scene #8
004 x DVD: Menu / Feature Screens

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