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Everwood S2 Caps Galore!

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Hey, everyone! Another year of college is well underway. Before I get too busy, I decided to cap the rest of season two of Everwood (finally!). Over the weekend I did just that! This means S2 caps are now complete. It may seem S3 is too, but it’s technically not. My friend Alexandra (so sorry to see you and Michelle step down from your modding positions at FF, btw but I wish you two the best!) made some captures for us in the past but my other co-web, Lisa, will soon be replacing several of those albums with new caps, since some of those had even less than 30! Anyway, onto the update!

Here you guys go:

440 x 2×06 – Blind Faith
151 x 2×08 – The Burden Of Truth
250 x 2×09 – Just Like In The Movies
182 x 2×12 – Controlling Interest
393 x 2×13 – Forget Me Not
287 x 2×14 – No Sure Thing
208 x 2×15 – The ‘L’ Word
330 x 2×16 – Unspoken Truths (one of my FAVORITE episodes due to Em’s acting)
225 x 2×22 – The Day Is Done