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Emily Talks “Civil War” and “The Girl In The Book”, Film Clips

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Here is an interview with ET that Emily did last week. She talks first about Captain America: Civil War then at the end mentions about The Girl in the Book. The interview says her character fights with Scarlet Witch but if you know about the sides, you know that doesn’t make sense. Other people have mentioned this also but their and my belief is that Emily was talking about Scarlett Johansson aka Black Widow.

And here are two clips from the film (one from ET and the other from Hulu). I got the chance to see the film in theaters over the weekend and it was absolutely incredible. If you want to, you have until this Thursday in these participating theaters to do so. To check movie times, click on this Fandango link then choose “Movie Times + Tickets”. Please go out and support the film! If it’s not playing near you, you can buy or rent the movie in a variety of platforms including iTunes.