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Emily @ Sundance, B&S HD Screencaps, Photoshoot Pic & Bonnie Hunt Show Update

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I have a really really big update today for you guys, so bear with me. For starters, Emily was in Utah over the weekend at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival and she went to a whole bunch of events and gift lounges in Park City. Tons of HQ pictures have been added to the gallery from all the events! You can either visit The 2009 Sundance Page in the gallery, or just browse the events below.UPDATE (1/21): Pics from three more Sundance events have been added to the gallery! The events are marked with *NEW* below. The Wii pics are also now HQ!

003 x Bon Appetit Supper Club “A Sealed Fate?” Dinner *NEW*
014 x Wii Music Experience at Sundance – Day Four *NEW*
001 x Nickelodeon at Village At The Yard – Day 3 *NEW*
013 x Kenneth Cole Black & Gen Art 2009 Sundance Party
021 x Park City: Village at The Yard – Day 3
005 x Kari Feinstein Sundance Style Lounge – Day 3
010 x The Hollywood Life House Suite – Day 3
002 x Reebok at Kari Feinstein Sundance Style Lounge – Day 3

Screen caps from Sunday’s new episode of Brothers & Sisters have been added to the gallery. Check back soon for video clips from the episode!UPDATE: I replaced all the screen caps with high quality HD versions!

269 x ‘Brothers & Sisters’ 3×13: ‘It’s Not Easy Being Green’ HD Screen Captures

I also found another beautiful picture from the Saturday Night Magazine photoshoot. You can view it in the gallery. And finally, some great news about ‘The Bonnie Hunt Show.’ If you’ve been visiting the site lately, you may know that Emily was originally scheduled to appear as a guest on the show a few weeks ago, but that for some reason her appearance was cancelled. Well, according to the show’s official website (bonniehunt.com) Emily is now scheduled to appear on Friday (1/23)! So it looks like her appearance was re-scheduled after all! Check your local TV listings for the channel and time, or surf back here to EVC Online for the video and screencaps.