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Emily @ QVC Red Carpet Event + ‘Revenge’ 1.16 Promo

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Emily attended the pre-oscar QVC “Buzz on the Red Carpet” event last night in Los Angeles. She looked simply beautiful in a chic yellow blazer and jeans. A bunch of pics of Emily walking the red carpet at the event have been added to the gallery.

079 x Emily @ QVC “Buzz on the Red Carpet” Party

You can also watch the promo for this upcoming week’s new episode of ‘Revenge’ below:

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  1. ForVanAngel February 24, 2012 | 9:56 pm |

    You said it how it is: Simply beautiful. It’s great to see Emily in all that beautiful dresses, but here she wears a great normal look, reminds me of a younger Emily. And of course that she is still down to earth even though she’s a star. With this pic and the Ellen appearance, this Revenge week was not so bad after all. 🙂

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