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Emily on L.A. Morning News Show + New Article

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Emily appeared on a morning news show in Los Angeles today to talk a little bit about ‘Revenge’ and ‘Norman.’ You can watch the whole interview below.

A new article about ‘Revenge’ getting picked up for a full season with some quotes from Emily was also published today. Check it out:

Emily VanCamp Loves That You Love ‘Revenge’
By: Jarett Wieselman

Word broke yesterday that ABC’s delicious Revenge was picked up for a full season, and the only person more excited than me is star Emily VanCamp.

“Oh my gosh, thank you! Yesterday was just the best day,” she squealed when I offered up congratulations. “We’re all still buzzing.” In fact, Emily was so excited, she turned into The Hamptons Town Crier.

“I got a call from [creator] Mike Kelly during our lunch hour and I just started running around, screaming the news to everyone like some kind of nutjob,” she laughs. “Joshua Bowman [who plays Daniel Grayson] brought champagne, we had a big toast and just couldn’t stop hugging each other. It was a big lovefest.”

And something of a relief, according to Emily. “We love doing this show and anticipating this moment has been a bit of a weight on our shoulders. So finding out was a massive sigh of relief and now Mike, who has the most amazing stuff up his sleeve, gets the opportunity to tell his story.”

On that tip, Emily teases that next week’s episode sees her character go head-to-head with Tyler, Daniel’s best friend. “The scenes with Tyler are amazing. They’re onto each other in this bizarre way. They just have this instinct of evil, and therefore distrust, in one another from the get go.” Which might be why Miss Thorne’s plans stop being so flawlessly executed in the weeks to come.

As for the show’s reception, Emily doesn’t feel it could have been planned any better. “I’ve just been getting the most extraordinary sense of love from people. I think everyone was ready for a good, juicy nighttime soap that allowed them to escape but also made them think. I’ve learned that there’s a lot of people out there who want to get themselves some revenge,” she laughs.

Source: The Insider

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  1. ForVanAngel October 14, 2011 | 8:51 pm |

    I WANT NORMAN! ASAP! NOW! Hope Emily’s Revenge success let’s us see that movie very soon, punch a sticker on it, “the lead girl from Revenge” and release it. Good interview, thanks for that, Emily was as great as she can be, so nice, I liked what she said about being in character, she’s right, it’s easy to forget that, but in her freetime she def shouldn’t bother with this evil, heartbroken character. And we all are glad that there is no more pressure for at least end of the year if we get a full season or not. Emily and her cast now knows for sure that the hard work pays off.

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