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Emily Loves Stuffing and the Environment Too

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The Associated Press recently did a little piece about celebrities’ favorite Thanksgiving food and Emily just so happened to be among the celebs interviewed. So, what’s Em’s favorite Thanksgiving treat? Here’s what she had to say:

Emily: “Well, stuffing. I think stuffing is my favorite. Actually we just had Thanksgiving, we are Canadian. My parents just came down and we celebrated our Thanksgiving a few weeks ago. Yeah, probably stuffing is my favorite thing.”

Just thought that was a cute little quote. :cute: In other news, Emily filmed a couple of quick PSAs at the Environmental Media Awards last month that you can watch below. The first is for Environment America and the second is for the website tcktcktck.org. Unfortunately, Emily is only in each of them for like a second. So don’t blink or you might miss her. hehe 😉