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Emily Leaving ‘Brothers & Sisters’?

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So, yesterday we had some exciting news about Emily getting the lead role in a new TV movie. But unfortunately, today we have some bad news for fans of Emily’s character Rebecca on ‘Brothers & Sisters.’ Just read the article below for the surprising news about Emily’s role on the show.

BROTHERS & SISTERS Exclusive: Series Regular Said to be Appearing in Just Two Episodes Next Season
By: Korbi (givememyremote.com)

Though we didn’t actually see Robert (Rob Lowe) dead and buried on the season finale of BROTHERS & SISTERS this year, we do know for sure that Lowe is off the show… but it seems he’s not the only family member making an exit.

There have been rumors that, due to budget issues, B&S has been forced to shrink its cast this fall, and sources tell GIVE ME MY REMOTE exclusively that Rebecca (Emily VanCamp) will be the first to go.

Word is, VanCamp — who just signed on to star in a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie for CBS — will appear in just two episodes early this coming season.

Now, fans of BROTHERS & SISTERS of course know that her character, Rebecca, has been having some marital issues with Justin (Dave Annable) as of late, so perhaps those problems will drive her out of Pasadena permanently.