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Emily in Japan

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As Emily mentioned in a recent tweet, she traveled to Tokyo, Japan this week. It was more than just a vacation though. Emily was also there to promote ‘Revenge,’ which recently began airing in Japan. Alongside her Japanese co-star Hiroyuki Sanada (Takeda), Emily answered questions for the press and took part in a Kagami-Biraki, a traditional Japanese ceremony performed at many events that represents “an opening to harmony and good fortune.” She also attended a small meet-and-greet luncheon, where she met with some lucky fans and signed autographs. HQ and MQ pictures from both events have been added to the gallery.

094 x Emily Promotes ‘Revenge’ in Japan
003 x Emily Promotes ‘Revenge’ in Japan – Fan Luncheon

You can also watch a short video of the event below:

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  1. ForVanAngel April 26, 2012 | 6:25 am |

    YEAH!!!!! Love your headline, Emily in Japan, EPIC!! Yesterday someone mentioned that Emily would attend a press conference and I was certain you would have updates soon – I was kind of wrong, you were very fast as usual. Thanks a lot. 🙂 Now I’m a bit jealous that Revenge is airing all over the world (like Australia, the UK, Japan) and not in Germany yet, but I’m sure now there’s no doubt we’ll see a secon season with this success abroad (and I read that the Australian ratings were strong). 🙂

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