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Disappointing ‘Carriers’ News :(

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I’ve got some somewhat disappointing Carriers news today via an article from Fangoria. Apparently the film will only be playing in a very select group of cities. I was hoping for a bit more of a wider release, or at least for the film to play in more than just a measly ten cities, but I guess many of us will have to wait to see it on DVD. I’m also not expecting a red carpet premiere or any talk show appearances by Emily or anything like that to promote the film either, since it’s such a small opening. You can find the list of cities where the film is going to be playing in the article below. Maybe you’ll be luckier than me and live in or around one of them.

CARRIERS to bypass the bigger cities
By Michael Gingold

Paramount Vantage’s upcoming sci-fi thriller CARRIERS is about a quartet of young survivors of a virulent plague that has swept the United States, who try to make their way to safety while avoiding potentially dangerous major metropolitan areas. Now Fango has gotten the word that the film’s release strategy is following the same tack.

When it opens September 4, CARRIERS will bypass such larger markets as New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. We got the list of the smaller cities where it will be playing:

Atlanta, GA
Charlotte, NC
Denver, CO
Detroit, MI
Minneapolis, MN
Philadelphia, PA
Pittsburgh, PA
Phoenix, AZ
Portland, OR
St. Louis, MO

Exact theater counts have yet to be determined, so check your local listings closer to the 4th if you’re in one of those areas. Written and directed by brothers Alex Pastor and David Pastor, CARRIERS stars STAR TREK’s Chris Pine, THE CAVE’s Piper Perabo, HORSEMEN’s Lou Taylor Pucci and THE RING TWO’s Emily VanCamp as the four travelers who face infected humans and other perils.