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Our 10th Anniversary!!!

Today is kind of a big deal, you guys!!! It’s February 11th, 2013 which means that it officially marks TEN YEARS since this site has launched. Grey and I would like to take this time to say a few words. Shirphie “I know I repeat myself every year with basically the same thoughts and musings, but really, I cannot even

Happy Holidays

Happy Birthday, Emily!

Today marks Emily’s 26th birthday! The staff here at Emily VanCamp Online would like to wish you, Emily, a very happy 26th birthday! We hope your special day is filled with lots of joy and that you are surrounded with those you love! Have a wonderful day celebrating and thanks for everything! XOXO

Happy 9 Year Anniversary!

Today marks the 9th year since Emily VanCamp Online was created. When I started the site all those years ago, I had never dreamed it’d still be open at this point. And now we’re entering year 9 in running this site! Since last year, us Emily fans have gotten so lucky with Revenge and everything surrounding it. We won’t be

New Year, New Look

Hey there, VanCampers! Hope you all had a great holiday season. So, as you can see, things look a little different around here. We thought we’d celebrate the new year with a completely new layout here at Emily VanCamp Online. Special thanks goes to S for making the beautiful new header image. The gallery has also been updated with a

Happy Holidays

Happy Thanksgiving! + ‘Revenge’ 1.10 Promo

For all those Emily fans who are celebrating Thanksgiving, everyone here at the site would like to wish you a happy and safe holiday. We hope you enjoy your turkey and stuffing and the precious time you get to spend with your family and loved ones. And in non-holiday related news, I just wanted to let you guys know that

Happy Halloween! + ‘Revenge’ 1.06 Captures (HD/Logoless)

On behalf of the staff here at Emily VanCamp Online, I’d like to wish everyone who celebrates this holiday a very happy and safe Halloween! Whether you’re going out to trick-or-treat or attending a costume party or parade, we wish you guys a lot of fun (but be careful, too ;)) As for updates site-wise, I have made screen captures

Emily Joins Twitter!

We’ve made a few posts in the past about people making fake Emily accounts on twitter, imploring so-called “fans” not to impersonate her. Well, now we don’t have to worry about that anymore, because the real Emily has officially joined Twitter! This is her account: @Emily_VanCamp_. So go forth and follow her! She deserves a ton of followers!

Happy Birthday, Emily!

To celebrate Emily’s birthday, we’ve given the site a new look! Besides the obvious new color scheme, a lot of little things have been changed in the posts and sidebar, some of which we rolled out during the past week, to make the site look a little more modern. The layout in the gallery has also been updated. Hope you