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‘Let Them Shine’ Gets Title Change and Air Date

Big news today about Emily’s upcoming TV movie which up until now had been referred to as “Let Them Shine.” First and foremost, Hallmark has decided to change the name of the movie to Beyond the Blackboard. I actually like the new title more than the original. The name of the album in the gallery and of the project listing

New Project for Emily?

I was really hoping to get some kind of confirmation on this before I posted about it, but after over a week and several messages sent to the production company that went unanswered, I decided I’d just go ahead and write about it. It seems Emily may have joined the cast of a Canadian independant film called Divided Highway. Fellow

New ‘Ben Hur’ Still + ‘Norman’ Screening in Bahamas

A new still from Ben Hur has been added to the gallery. Still no word from ABC on when they plan to air the mini series. Rumor was they were going to air it around Christmastime, but they’ve made no mention of it yet… 001 x Ben Hur: Production Still Also, Norman is scheduled to screen at the ‘Bahamas International

‘Brothers & Sisters’ Update

Just wanted to post a quick little update to say that Emily did NOT appear in Sunday’s episode of Brothers & Sisters. I have no idea why ABC listed her as a guest star for the episode. So, sorry to anyone who tuned in expecting to see her. I promise though, she is definitely in the next two episodes.

Emily Wins Best Actress at San Diego Film Festival

Norman screened at the 2010 San Diego Film Festival over the weekend. Hopefully some of you had a chance to attend a screening. Having already seen it myself, I can tell you Emily is simply fantastic in it. And apparently the judges at the San Diego festival agree with me on that, as they gave Emily the festival award for Best

Gallery Update + ‘Brothers & Sisters’ News

I added some behind the scenes pics of Emily’s latest photo shoot to the gallery today. I also added some stills of Emily on ‘The Hour’ taken during her appearance on the show earlier this year. 012 x Photo Shoot Session #27 – Behind the Scenes 006 x ‘The Hour’ Stills Lastly, a small update on Brothers & Sisters. Though

Emily’s Last Episodes of ‘Brothers & Sisters’

As I’m sure most of you already know, Emily will be leaving Brothers & Sisters next season. If you somehow didn’t know that yet, you can read all about it here. Anyways, Kristin at E! Online has reported that Emily will appear in episodes three and four of the upcoming fifth season, which obviously means she will not be in the first two

New Magazine Scan + ‘Norman’ News

A new HQ scan of Emily in ‘Ocean Drive Venezuela’ has been added to the gallery. The picture is the same as the one that was featured in L.A. Confidential Magazine. The article is also the same, except it’s in Spanish. 001 x Ocean Drive Venezuela – February/March 2010 Issue   I also have some news about Emily’s independant film Norman. First

New Photo Shoot

A beautiful new photo shoot pic has been added to the gallery! Thanks to desert4dreamer for the heads up. I’ll post HQ magazine scans from the shoot in the next day or two. 001 x Photo Shoot Session #27

More ‘Everwood’ DVD Caps + ‘Norman’ Screening in Rhode Island

DVD captures for four more episodes of season three of Everwood have been added to the gallery. 265 x ‘Everwood’ DVD Captures: 3×10 Need to Know 180 x ‘Everwood’ DVD Captures: 3×11 Complex Guilt 339 x ‘Everwood’ DVD Captures: 3×12 Giving Up the Girl 223 x ‘Everwood’ DVD Captures: 3×13 The Perfect Day Norman is scheduled to screen at this