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New Picture, New Videos, and a New Interview

20 Questions with Emily VanCamp

1.When do you feel the most beautiful?
Emily: When I feel comfortable.

2. What is your beauty routine?
Emily: A little mascara, blush and lip gloss.

3. Definition of beauty?
Emily: Itfs strength, kindness, and thoughtfulness.

4. Who is #1 on your speed dial?
Emily: My mother is definitely the first person I call.

5. Who inspires you the most?
Emily: My grandmother. Shefs a strong, beautiful woman.

6. Importance of finding “the one?”
Emily:I donft think about it that too much. It will all fall into place.

7. Dating challenges that come from being an actress?
Emily: It makes it a little bit more difficult to find people you can trust.

8. If you werenft an actress, what would you be?
Emily: Be a dancer. Ifve danced my entire life.

9. Proudest career achievement?
Emily: “Brothers and Sisters.” I get to work with such incredible people.

10. What do you want to achieve in the next five to ten years?
Emily: Continue to work. Hopefully find love, get married, and have children.

11. Best part of being a twenty-something?
Emily: It’s a great time of self-exploration, traveling, and learning.

12. Top three priorities right now?
Emily: Family, friends and career.

13. What do you do in your free time?
Emily: Travel, horseback ride, cook, bake, hike and be outside.

14. Advice for other twenty-something women?
Emily: You are a lot stronger and more powerful than you think.

15. When do you feel most confident?
Emily: I am around people I love.

From Fans:

16. What makes you most happy?
Emily: Hanging out with my parents and my sisters.

17. Advice from older female co-stars?
Emily: I’ve learned the most from them by just observing.

18. How do you splurge?
Emily: It’s usually on traveling.

19. What are the best and worst parts about your job?
Emily: I get paid to do what I love. The worst part, being far from my family.

20. On days when you don’t feel the most beautiful?
Emily: Pamper yourself a little more.

YouTube, IMDB and Pictures

First order of business in today’s update is to announce the creation of the official EVC Online Youtube page. There’s only one vid up right now, a brief interview with Em at the Kenneth Cole event, but hopefully I’ll be able to upload some more soon. If you have a YouTube account (who doesn’t these days?), feel free to leave

B&S 2×13 Clips

I made video clips of Brothers & Sisters episode 2×13 “Separation Anxiety ” There are 8 clips. They are all zipped so you will need to unzip them. You can download the clips below. I am working on the caps and clips for last Sunday’s episode and will have them up as soon as I can!

B&S Clips

I’ve finally made the video clips of last Sunday’s episode of Brother’s & Sisters “Holy Matrimony” There are 6 clips. You can download the clips below. I hope to have more B&S clips up for you guys next week!

The Video Archive returns!

Hey, guys! Guess what? After months of downtime (it was hacked earlier this year) The Video Archive is officially back! I know a lot of you were waiting for its return. Well, now you can rejoice. I’ve been working really hard on it for the past couple of days. So far there are 27 videos online. More will be added

Brothers & Sisters

Hey, everyone. I’m so sorry for taking so long in adding these but I’ve had a very hectic week, despite the fact that I’m on vacation. Anyway, here’s the Brothers & Sisters update I know most of you were waiting for! 253 screen captures from “Three Parties” have been added to the gallery! Another great episode! I love how protective

Loads of B&S Goodies

I’m officially exhausted after working on the site the whole day. This update is HUGE and choc full of pictures and things (and cluttered, I know) to keep all of you occupied until the next time I update again, which should be in another few days. *heavy sigh* Gallery updates are as follows: 273 x 1×17 All in the Family

B&S Clips

No, I didn’t forget about these clips. Like I said before, I’ve been busy with school. Anyway, I know these are late, but here are four clips from The Other Walker. Once again, if you have any problems with the downloads, feel free to comment below and I’ll help you. Enjoy!

New Event & Interview Clip!

Hello, everyone! Lovely news for all of you – our girl Em attended a brand new event this past Monday, March 5th, along with the cast of Brothers & Sisters! She looked radiant in a floral dress, high heeled black shoes, and her hair styled in an updo. If you go to the E! Online video player, you can see

Law & Order: SVU Clips

Hey everyone! Here are the video clips of Emily from Law & Order: SVU just like I promised. I know some of you were waiting for these (Annemari hehe) so they’re up and available to download now. There are six clips in total. They’re in chronological order from left to right so start with clip 1 first, otherwise you’d be