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New ‘Statement Magazine’ Scan

Emily was recently featured in the spring/summer issue of ‘Statement Magazine.’ I managed to get a copy of the issue and made an exclusive scan of the full-page picture and article. Check it out in the gallery. 001 x ‘Statement Magazine’ Spring/Summer 2009 Issue

New ‘Beautiful Lovers’ Magazine Scan

Back in April, the magazine Who Weekly, which is kind of like the Australian equivalent of Us Weekly, had their ‘100 Most Beautiful People’ issue. In the issue there was a section called ‘Most Beautiful Lovers,’ which listed fictional couples and the actors who portray them. Making the list of ‘beautiful lovers’ were couples like Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart,

Screencaps of Emily as a Young Jackie O

Back in 2000, before Everwood or even the short-lived Glory Days, Emily starred in a TV mini-series based on the life of former first lady Jackie Kennedy. It was one of her very first TV appearances. She was only in a couple of short flashback scenes as a young, 13-year-old Jackie, but it’s still a cool and rare glimpse at

‘All Souls’ Screen Captures

Back in 2001, before her role as Amy on Everwood, Emily guest-starred in the short-lived UPN drama All Souls, which was centered around a spooky haunted hospital in Boston. I’ve been searching everywhere for the episode for what seems like an eternity. Well, no more of that, because this week I finally got the chance to see it and make

B&S Season 2 Deleted Scenes Screen Captures + New Exclusive Emily Video

Screen captures of two deleted scenes featuring Rebecca, Justin, and Nora from season two of Brothers & Sisters have been to the gallery.028 x ‘Brothers & Sisters’ Season Two Deleted Scene: Justin’s Show and Tell063 x ‘Brothers & Sisters’ Season Two Deleted Scene: Hallway ConfessionsI also added a new exclusive video to The EVC Online Youtube Channel. It’s a breast

New HQ Photograph Scan

A few weeks ago ‘Entertainment Weekly’ auctioned off some candid photos for charity on Ebay of various celebs at their Pre-Emmy bash. Your’s truly just so happened to win the photo of Emily. Yay me! (And sorry to whoever it was I outbid.) The photo finally came in the mail yesterday and I went ahead and made an HQ scan