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Emily on the Set of “Revenge”

A couple candids of Em on the set of Revenge have been added to the gallery! And it looks like she’s a blonde again. I swear, every time we see her these days her hair is a different color. 002 x On the Set of “Revenge” in Wilmington, NC (03/24/2011)

New Candids of Emily in L.A.

More new candids of brunette Emily out and about in L.A. have been added to the gallery, including a couple HQs. These ones were taken late last week and she’s looking fabulous, as always. 005 x Out and About in Los Angeles, CA (12/09/2010)

Exclusive 2008 Event Photos

Some new exclusive photos taken at a charity event back in 2008 have been added to the gallery! There’s a lot of really cute pics of Em in the bunch, especially the ones with Zachary Levi. Big thanks to Katrin, and especially to the wonderful Emily Rose for giving us permission to post the pics on the site. 016 x

More Rare Everwood Season Two Stills

I added the last of the rare additional Everwood episode stills to the gallery today. 047 x ‘Everwood’ Episode Stills: 2×13 Forget Me Not 007 x ‘Everwood’ Episode Stills: 2×14 No Sure Thing 014 x ‘Everwood’ Episode Stills: 2×15 The ‘L’ Word 004 x ‘Everwood’ Episode Stills: 2×16 Unspoken Truths 002 x ‘Everwood’ Episode Stills: 2×17 Unfinished Business 008 x

Rare Everwood Season Two Stills

I added the first batch of rare additional season two Everwood episode stills to the gallery today. 015 x ‘Everwood’ Episode Stills: 2×02 Extra Ordinary 018 x ‘Everwood’ Episode Stills: 2×05 Daddy’s Little Girl 004 x ‘Everwood’ Episode Stills: 2×06 Blind Faith 007 x ‘Everwood’ Episode Stills: 2×09 Just Like in the Movies 018 x ‘Everwood’ Episode Stills: 2×11 Family

Rare Everwood S1 Stills + New Gallery Layout

We might have to relive the old days here for a while until Emily finds a new project or finally decides to attend a new event, though she barely ever seems to go to any these days. Luckily, I have a bunch of old stuff I haven’t yet added to the site. First up are some really rare additional season

‘Everwood’ Behind the Scenes Photos

Recently, I was lucky enough to get my hands on some really rare Everwood behind the scenes photos. They’re only MQ, but I’ve never seen many of them before. Check ’em out in the gallery. 009 x ‘Everwood’ Season One – Behind the Scenes Photos 018 x ‘Everwood’ Season Two – Behind the Scenes Photos 005 x ‘Everwood’ Season Three

New Magazine Scans

New HQ scans of Emily in ‘Brown’s B Magazine’ have been added to the gallery. The magazine, published by a popular shoe store chain in Canada, recently ran a special celebrity issue in which various Canadian celebs modeled their products to promote a charity of the celebrity’s choosing. Emily was one of the celebs featured and chose ‘Doctors Without Borders’

Saturday Night Magazine Scans + ‘B & S’ Renewal News

As some of you may recall, Emily was featured on the cover of ‘Saturday Night Magazine’ back in early 2009. Well, after over a year of searching, I was finally able to get my hands on a copy of the magazine and I made some exclusive scans for the gallery! 😉 006 x ‘Saturday Night Magazine’ February 2009 Issue I

Exclusive ‘Dice’ Screen Captures

Back in 2001, before she hit it big on Everwood, Emily starred in a little known Canadian TV mini-series called Dice. She only played a small part in the second half of the two-part series, but it was one of her first major TV gigs. I believe she was about 14 when it was filmed. Anyways, I managed to get