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The Making of ‘Beyond the Blackboard’ Captures

I made some screen captures of the Beyond the Blackboard DVD special feature “The Making of Beyond the Blackboard.” Check ’em out in the gallery. 067 x ‘Beyond the Blackboard’ DVD: The Making of ‘Beyond the Blackboard’

‘Beyond the Blackboard’ DVD Captures + PSA Caps

I hope you guys enjoyed Beyond the Blackboard as much as I did. Such a great movie and Emily was truly fantastic as Stacey. The DVD is already on sale at Hallmark stores and I picked up a copy and made some screen captures for the gallery. There’s quite a lot, since Emily is in pretty much every scene in

Emily on ‘The Early Show’ + More BtB Articles

Emily made her appearance on ‘The Early Show’ this morning to promote ‘Beyond the Blackboard.’ She looked gorgeous, as always. Really love her hair. You can watch her entire interview below! Screen captures from her appearance on the show have also been added to the gallery. 074 x Emily on ‘The Early Show’ (04/21/2011) Also, I have another article about

Emily @ ‘Beyond the Blackboard’ Screening + New Artcle

Emily attended a special screening of Beyond the Blackboard last night. A couple pics of her at the event have been added to the gallery. 003 x ‘Beyond the Blackboard’ Screening The website Zap2It.com also posted another article today about the movie with quotes from Emily about working with Treat again and a special teacher that was influential to her.

Emily on ‘The Early Show’ + ‘Beyond the Blackboard’ Review

Great news! Emily is scheduled to appear on CBS’ ‘The Early Show’ this Thursday, April 21 to promote ‘Beyond the Blackboard.’ Check your local listings for the time the show airs in your area. For those who are unable to watch, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. I’ll post a video here shortly after it airs. Also, you can check

‘Beyond the Blackboard’ Sneak Peeks

The premiere of Beyond the Blackboard is fast approaching. For those who don’t know, the movie will air on Sunday, April 24 at 9/8c on CBS. Below you can watch five sneak peeks featuring Emily.

‘Beyond the Blackboard’ Article and Promotional Ads

The website zap2it.com posted an article today about Emily’s upcoming TV movie Beyond the Blackboard which features some quotes from Em. Check it out: Ex-‘Brothers and Sisters’, ‘Everwood’ star Emily VanCamp takes on ‘motherhood’ in new film By: Jay Bobbin Emily VanCamp says that whatever age she is, television usually corresponds to it. “I have almost always played my own

‘Beyond the Blackboard’ Interview Clips

Watch two more interviews with Emily on the set of Beyond the Blackboard: I also wanted to take the time to post about something that was brought to my attention late last week by Emily fan slash_spd. ABC has a survey up on Facebook asking for feedback regarding viewer interest in their 2011 TV pilots, including Emily’s pilot Revenge. I’m

‘Beyond the Blackboard’ Interview Clips & Stills

Watch two new interviews with Emily on the set of Beyond the Blackboard: Two additional stills from the movie have also been added to the gallery. 002 x ‘Beyond the Blackboard’ Stills

More ‘Beyond the Blackboard’ Stills

Some additional MQ stills from Beyond the Blackboard have been added to the gallery. 008 x ‘Beyond the Blackboard’ Stills