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‘Carriers’ DVD News + B&S Behind-the-Scenes Video

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News finally came today of a DVD release date for Carriers… sort of. Paramount has announced that the movie will be released for DVD rental on December 8th. Just rental. As for the full DVD release, all they had to say is that it’s “expected 4 to 6 weeks after the rental release.” Confused? Me too. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a DVD being released to rent, but not to buy until a month later. I’m not sure what exactly they plan to accomplish with this odd new release strategy. It just seems pointless and kind of stupid to me. But I guess we should just be happy it’s finally getting released and will eventually be available to purchase most likely in January or February 2010.
In other ‘Carriers’ news, three new international posters for the film have been added to the gallery.

003 x ‘Carriers’ Promotional Posters

And lastly, we have a behind-the-scenes video today featuring Emily on the set of ‘Brothers & Sisters’ shooting scenes for the episode ‘Last Tango in Pasadena.’ Check it out below. 😉