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The Ring 2

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Format: Feature Film

Emily’s Role: Minor Character

Date Filmed: 2004

Date First Released: 2005

Written by: Ehren Kruger, Kôji Suzuki (novel), Hiroshi Takahashi (1998 film Ringu)

Directed by: Hideo Nakata

Production Company: DreamWorks SKG, BenderSpink, MacDonald/Parkes Productions

Filmed in: Astoria, OR (USA)

Movie Description:

“Six months after encountering Samara and her killer video tape, Rachel Keller and her son Aiden leave the city to live in a small rural town where they think they’ll be safe. Soon after they arrive, however, Rachel hears about a college student who died nearby in circumstances similar to Samara’s past victims. Now it appears that Aiden’s life is in danger from Samara once more, and Rachel must investigate the little girl’s past if she wants to save her son.”


Naomi Watts – Rachel
Simon Baker – Max Rourke
David Dorfman – Aidan
Elizabeth Perkins – Dr. Emma Temple
Gary Cole – Martin Savide
Sissy Spacek – Evelyn
Ryan Merriman – Jake
Emily VanCamp – Emily
Kelly Overton – Betsy
Daveigh Chase – Samara