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2X16 Illumination

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Original Air Date: Mar 17th, 2013

Directed By: Bobby Roth

Written By: Michael Foley & Sallie Patrick

Guest Stars:

Emily Alyn Lind as Young Amanda
James Tupper as David Clarke
Collins Pennie as Eli
Kendall Clement as insurance adjuster
Jamila Jones as Marta
Akinsola Aribo as Young Eli
Michael Tennant as Wes Rogers
Bruno Amato as Fred Harris
Lindsey Haun as foster mom

Official Description:

“The queen and king of smoke and mirrors, Victoria and Conrad, make a calculated move, starting a charitable foundation in the late Amanda Clarke’s name. But little do they know that Jack is not buying it and has a plan of his own. Meanwhile, Emily’s past catches up to her again.”