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1X17 – Doubt

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Original Air Date: Apr 18th, 2012

Directed By: Matt Earl Beesley

Written By: Mike Kelley

Guest Stars:

Ed Corbin as Bull
Roger Bart as Mason Treadwell
Courtney B. Vance as Benjamin Brooks
Derek Ray as Lee
James Purefoy as Dominik Wright

Official Description:

“Daniel’s imprisonment sends Victoria to depths that no one thought possible, as the surprise return of a past love (James Purefoy as Dominik Wright) provides a destructive but welcome distraction from her family’s struggles. Meanwhile, Jack’s search for Amanda grows more desperate as he comes under suspicion for murder.”


Lovers, “Igloos for Ojos”
Retribution Gospel Choir, “Feel It, Superior”
The Dirty Secrets, “Revolution”
Okkervil River , “One Soul Less On Your Fiery List”
Leonard Cohen, “If It Be Your Will”
Dum Dum Girls, “Coming Down”
Bad Sports, “Someday In The Future”