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1X15 – Chaos

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Original Air Date: Feb 15th, 2012

Directed By: Sanford Bookstaver

Written By: Mark Fish and Joe Fazzio

Guest Stars:

Ashton Holmes as Tyler Barrol
Margarita Levieva as Amanda Clarke
William Devane as Grandpa Grayson
Hiroyuki Sanada as Satoshi Takeda
Jamal Duff as Big Ed
Maya Hazen as Hikari

Official Description:

“The splendor of Emily and Daniel’s Fire & Ice engagement party quickly turns to terror when her vendetta takes a dark, unexpected turn, putting those she loves and hates in imminent mortal danger. Meanwhile, Jack resolves to find Amanda and Charlotte takes desperate measures to soothe the pain of her family’s betrayal.”


SBTRKT, “Pharaohs”
Washed Out, “You and I ”
Blitzen Trapper, “Fletcher”
The Smoking Flowers, “Something I Said”
Rewards, “Equal Dreams (Instr)”