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1X08 – Treachery

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Original Air Date: Nov 16th, 2011

Directed By: Bobby Roth

Written By: Ryan Scott

Guest Stars:

Amber Valletta as Lydia
Max Martini as Frank Stevens
Ashton Holmes as Tyler
CCH Pounder as Warden Stiles
Margarita Levieva as Amanda Clarke

Official Description:

“Emily’s plot further unravels, and Victoria’s unstable relationship with her family grows increasingly more tense when an unwanted pawn in Emily’s game heads to the Hamptons with questionable intentions. Meanwhile, Lydia’s memory is a growing concern for the Graysons, and a recently embittered friend begins to play dirty.”


Frankel, “No Work and All Play”
Yukon Blonde, “Fire”
Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions, “Trouble”
Smokey and Lee, “Blues For Tiny – Unreleased”
The Romany Rye, “Untitled (Love Song)”
Widowspeak, “Limbs”
Kurt Vile, “Puppet To The Man”