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1X06 – Intrigue

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Original Air Date: Oct 26th, 2011

Directed By: Tim Hunter

Written By: Dan Dworkin and Jay Beattie

Guest Stars:

Amber Valletta as Lydia
James Tupper as David Clarke
Emily Alyn Lind as Amanda Clarke
Max Martini as Frank Stevens
Ashton Holmes as Tyler

Official Description:

“The Grayson 4th of July parties are legendary, but this year’s festivities ignite the wrong kind of fireworks when an incriminating surveillance video pops up and breaks the bond of trust between the Graysons and their head of security, Frank. Frank won’t go down without a fight, which will spell trouble for Nolan and Emily. Meanwhile, the tension between Emily and Tyler will come to a head, Daniel can’t seem to catch a break, and both of the Porter boys make bold moves to get their girl.”


Peter Bradley Adams, “Full Moon Song”
Peter Bradley Adams, “Waltz For The Faithless”
The Strange Boys, “YTEFGHWS – Unreleased”
Megafaun, “Second Friend”
The Donkeys, “Bloodhound”
Allah-Las, “Catamaran”
AgesandAges, “No Nostalgia”
Silver Swans, “Anyone’s Ghost – Unreleased”