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Format: TV Movie

Emily’s Role: Minor Character

Original Airdate: March 26, 2002

Network: USA Network

Written by: James Ricci

Directed by: Graeme Clifford

Filmed in: Unknown

Movie Description:

“When a Black Panther raid on the house of a dope dealer goes awry, an innocent young man is killed and the leader of the raid team, a Panther named Charles Henderson (Obba Babatunde), is sentenced to life in prison. Bestselling author Paul Freeman (Modine) offers a creative-writing class in Henderson’s prison, initially looking for a story for his next book; but when Henderson becomes his student, Freeman starts to investigate Henderson’s case and becomes convinced that, after 20 years, Henderson deserves to be released–but the next step is convincing the sister of the man whose death Henderson is responsible for. Redeemer is a bit obvious, but the script does tackle its subject from a variety of perspectives, the direction is clean and straightforward, and the performances have commitment and energy–Babatunde is particularly compelling.”


Matthew Modine – Paul Freeman
Obba Babatundé – Charles Henderson
Michele Greene – Sharon Davidson
Emily VanCamp – Alana
Chip Chuipka – Elsworth
Benz Antoine – Peanut
Cas Anvar – Trini
Roland Rothchild – Desmond
Christian Paul – Kendall
Vlasta Vrana – Edward Chase