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Jackie Bouvier Kennedy Onassis

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Format: TV Mini-Series

Emily’s Role: Minor Character

Original Airdate: November 5, 2000

Network: CBS

Written by: A.L. Kennedy and John Burnside

Directed by: David Burton Morris

Production Company: Eric Overmyer and Tina Andrews

Filmed in: Montreal, Quebec (Canada)

Movie Description:

“The life of one of the most famous American women of the last half of the 20th century receives yet another retelling in this made-for-TV drama. Raised by a harsh, domineering mother (Frances Fisher) and a charming but unfaithful (and alcoholic) father (Fred Ward), Jacqueline Bouvier (Joanne Whalley) is born into privileged circumstances but learns early on that wealth and power do not guarantee happiness. Jackie falls in love with John F. Kennedy (Tim Matheson), the son of a family even richer and more influential than her own, and is by his side as he becomes President of the United States — though she soon discovers that, like her father, his charm and position make him very attractive to other women, a temptation he does little to resist. After the assassination of Kennedy in 1963, Jackie becomes America’s best-known widow, and is forced to struggle through her mourning in the glare of the public eye. Alone and with expensive tastes, Jackie eventually becomes the trophy wife of Aristotle Onassis (Philip Baker Hall), yet another wealthy and flamboyant man.”


Joanne Whalley – Jackie Bouvier Kennedy Onassis
Tim Matheson – John F. Kennedy
Tom Skerritt – Joseph P. ‘Joe’ Kennedy
Frances Fisher – Janet Lee Bouvier Auchincloss
Andrew McCarthy – Robert ‘Bobby’ Kennedy
Philip Baker Hall – Aristotle Onassis
Diane Baker – Rose Kennedy
Jerry Adler – Maurice Tempelsman
Chuck Shamata – Pierre Salinger
Fred Ward – John Vernon ‘Black Jack’ Bouvier III
Bronwen Booth – Lee Bouvier
Jennifer Van Dyck – Caroline Kennedy
Jeffrey Pierce – John F. Kennedy Jr.
Jacob Richmond – Edward ‘Ted’ Kennedy
David Francis – Hugh D’Auchincloss
Gillian Ferrabee – Ethel Kennedy
Johanna Nutter – Eunice Kennedy
Sara Bradeen – Jean Kennedy
Anne-Catherine LeBeau – Pat Kennedy
Alan Fawcett – Dave Powers
Brian Wrench – Kenny O’Donnell
Joey Di Dodo – Sinatra Performer
Maggie Castle – Caroline Kennedy, ages 15 & 16
Ashley Wyatt – Caroline Kennedy, ages 10 & 11
Amanda Tilson – Caroline Kennedy, ages 5 & 6 (as Amanda Tilson)
Jacqueline Relke – Caroline Kennedy, ages 3 & 4
Rachel Merritt – Caroline Kennedy, age 2
Dave Buri – John F. Kennedy Jr., age 12
Mickey Toft – John F. Kennedy Jr., ages 7 & 8
Garrett Schneider – John F. Kennedy Jr., ages 2 & 3
Jude Beny – Nanny Shaw
Ted Whittall – Charles Bartlett
Emily VanCamp – Jackie Bouvier – Age 13
Sally Taylor-Isherwood – Jackie Bouvier, age 8
Genevieve Farrell – Lee Bouvier, age 10
Katie Kirkpatrick – Lee Bouvier, ages 4 & 5
Paul Doucet – Ed Schlossberg
Melanie Sara – Tina Onassis, ages 18-22
Drew Cortese – Alexandro Onassis
Bobo Vian – Artemis Onassis
Donald Spoto – Archbishop Cushing
Dorothée Berryman – Mrs. Lincoln
Una Kay – Ladybird Johnson
Pauline Little – Nurse Rita Dallas
Adrian Hough – Oleg Cassini
Bill Lake – Older Edward Kennedy
Norman Mikeal Berketa – Young Maurice Tempelsman (as Norm Berketa)