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1X07 – There Goes the Neighborhood

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Original Air Date: Mar 11th, 2002

Directed By: David Petrarca

Written By: Kevin Williamson, Andi Bushell and Jim Praytor

Guest Stars:

Scott Thompson Baker as Calvin Jarrett/Frank Levy
Nathan West as Conrad Jarrett
David Kopp as Deputy Tim
Erin Karpluk as Cal Henries
Megan Leitch as Beth Jarrett
Andrew McIlroy as Lester
Michael Daingerfield as The Real Mr. Jarrett
Adrian Holmes as Lew

Official Description:

“Mike investigates a Rockwell-like family who has moved into the neighborhood. He becomes overly suspicious and is convinced the family is hiding something that doesn’t quite go with their perfect outward appearance, especially when his investigation turns up things about their teenage son that could put Sam in grave danger.”