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1X05 – The Lost Girls

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Original Air Date: Feb 13th, 2002

Directed By: Randall Zisk

Written By: Kevin Williamson, Sarah Fain and Elizabeth Craft

Guest Stars:

Eddie McClintock as Leo Cochran
Sebastian Spence as Greg Embry
Sonya Salomaa as Rosalind
David Kopp as Deputy Tim
Meghan Ory as Jade LaFayette/Ann Palmer

Official Description:

“Three young girls arrive in Glory claiming to be vampires. Rudy questions himself when he finds himself attracted to one, and Zane decides to accept an invitation to hang out with them after Sam once again rejects him. When Sam disturbs a body in the lake while fishing, Mike believes the vampire girls are responsible when Ellie discovers that the bodies were drained of blood. Who killed the woman? Her jealous husband, the passionate artist, or the vampires?”